To have mixed nation students where they can share mixed cultures and end of the day they don't classify themselves as i am a Malay, Indian, Chinese or Foreigner. They only says i am a GlobalinkHouse Kid. Today we can proudly say we have achieved this! All our kids knows their origin but they never identify or choose their friends based on origin. GlobalinkHouse Kids are able to mix well with all kids in GlobalinkHouse without looking at age, gender and origin.



While some children might be natural-born leaders, all kids can develop leadership skills with the right guidance. GlobalinkHouse give the right guidance to its kids to LEAD others as we believe teaching kids leadership skills can help boost self-esteem, improve communication skills, teach them to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and encourage them to learn how to work with others.



GlobalinkHouse inspire our Kids to change the world to a BETTER WORLD. We do this by mentoring them to be caring, loving and responsible to own self, other people, animals and to nature.


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